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Company held fire fighting exercises
Number of views:10511 Time:2018-03-15
In order to further enhance the fire awareness of employees, improve the employees of the charging workshop on the emergency rescue treatment of the workshop fire, and Hengli Company held a fire-fighting practice in the company on April 20, 2016.  
 The company's leadership and charging workshops participated in this exercise. Before the drill, the security captain Huang Zhilong explained the emergency disposal plan for the fire scene, the principle, basic operation method and precautions of fire extinguisher.  
 After listening and observing, employees personally experience the process of fire extinguishing on the spot. Facing the smoke fire in the burning of the bears quickly extinguished. As working in charging places, we should have basic fire protection knowledge and master the use of fire extinguishers. In the exercise, every employee personally experiences how to use fire extinguishers correctly, and how to take emergency measures during the fire, and launch a solid foundation for fire safety work between the charging workshop. After the fire drill, the person in charge of the Electrical and Electrical and Electrical Department also made a more systematic training for the employee of the charging workshop.
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