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Our company enters modern new factories
Number of views:12059 Time:2017-09-01
The construction of production base is the fundamental of enterprise development. In order to better promote corporate innovation, expand product production, create a Hengli brand image, establish brand characteristics, 2016 company costs billions of dollars, establish a modern factory in Fuzhou Yujing Industrial Park. At present, the foundation and supporting equipment is completed, and in August 2017, the new plant will reach 3 million yuan in production capacity. The new factory covers an area of more than 100 acres, distributed as: the production area, raw materials and finished storage areas, the auxiliary facilities area, administrative district, living area, and entertainment zone. In the production area, all new international, domestic first-class manufacturing equipment, construction of several modern automatic production lines, equipment level, and process technology have reached the first-class level of international and domestic. The construction of the new factory has always been adhering to the cleaning production, environmental protection and energy saving concepts, and meets national standards in energy conservation and emission reduction, equipped with environmental protection facilities. The green area of the factory accounts for about 30% of the total factory area, with environmental protection and energy saving, industrial eco-tourism function. The above is fully reflected in the high social responsibility of Hengli Battery.
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