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Improve product quality seminar
Number of views:19115 Time:2018-03-09
In order to further enhance the product quality level and brand image, 15 pm on March 7th, the company's technical engineering department took the lead, organized workshop management staff, team leader and operation department, and the Quality Department held more than 30 people in the conference room. meeting. How to keep the quality, how to tighten the quality of this string, ensure that the company's product quality leading topic has been discussed.  
 The company's leaders emphasized that the quality of product is the lifeline of the enterprise, and the topics will be aimed at discovering problems, faceting problems, solving problems, and Hengli battery technology is a responsible big company. Hengli's product quality involves a lot of Hengli customers. Safety benefits, I hope that participants must improve product quality awareness, highly attach importance to product quality, improve product quality, grasp the details, management process, and return to the majority of Hengli customer friend with the highest quality product quality service.  
 The meeting believes that quality is the life, future, directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. It is necessary to do four aspects of product quality: First, we must raise awareness, put product quality is crucial; To implement responsibility, operational responsibility, supervision responsibility, management responsibility, each of them, to enhance responsibility; Pay attention to the role of equipment in quality management.
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