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2019 Hengli Company Welcomes New Year Conference
Number of views:10435 Time:2019-02-13

The song is old, and the dance is happy. January 31, 2019 (26 Lunar Year) Jiangxi Hengli Battery Technology Co., Ltd. "2019 Welcome New Year Conference" was held in the company.

At noon on the 31th, the whole factory staff gathered together to the New Year in the company's cafeteria, eat a meal. The company prepares rich dishes and drinks for employees, and the chairman of the vice general manager to enjoy the blessings, full of lively.

afternoon p.m.:: 30Welcome to the New Year will kick off in the wonderful dance "Flower Dance\\

At the annual meeting, commend the companyExcellent individual, excellent management cadres, advanced collectives. Award certificate and bonus were issued by the vice president of the chairman and company.

This annual meeting company presents a variety of cultural programs throughout the audience. Invite some national award-winning programs and Fuzhou famous singing actors, and our own style of our employees. The national first-class actor is a song "Revival Road\\

At the annual meeting, the most exciting thing is our lucky draw, the company has prepared five awards, fourth prizes, third prizes, second prize, first prize and special prize, winning proportions exceeded. Every time you draw, you will make the whole year's climax.

The last year will be successfully concluded in the management cadres and the big chorus "tomorrow will be better\\
look backWe work together, strive hard, and harvest togetherLook forward to outlook look aheadWe are consistent with our goals, confidence is full, and we will look forward to Hengli will be more brilliant.

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