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23 years of sticking and precipitation constant force only do high-end batteries
Number of views:11789 Time:2021-05-12

Hengli International has created in 1998, in the past 23 years, the image of high-energy battery creators in front of the world, 23 years of hind and sticking, has created Hengli International Excellence. "Creating a global leading energy enterprise, achieving Hengli 100-year-old brand" has become a great dream of Hengli International, achieving this dream, will have to pay more than double friends. In the course of seeking breakthroughs, Hengli International is practicing in succession.

Rich products, hundred flowers 

Based on the diverse demand for products, Hengli International put into strong research resources, injecting elite power in product research, and continuously explores new products according to market needs. As of now, there are nearly 1,000 products of general, communication, telecommunications, UPS, energy storage, power, double efficiency, and high power. Form a complete, product chain with core competitiveness, meets the different needs of our customers, and the product species has already shown a hundred flowers.

Quality is king, high-end reliable

Quality is the life pillar of the company, the source of the profit, the utility model. In order to ensure the high quality of the product, Hengli International continued to attack the technology research and development, and the excellent selection of the procurement of accessories and reached a strategic partnership with the international top supply system.

Garden factory area, first-class equipment

The equipment is the cornerstone of the guarantee process. Hengli International Invested Higbron to introduce advanced production, automatic casting and welding equipment, successfully created the first-class production automatic pipeline; HKE lead smoke purification, pulse high-efficiency lead treatment, wastewater treatment and other environmental protection Equipment; all kinds of experimental equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, infrared moisture tester, thickness gauge, separator tension tester, and falling ball tester. At the same time, Hengli International has increased airborne green, road hardening, work area beautification, plant brightization and other work, the construction of the garden plant area, enabling employees' happiness and belonging.

Color performance, and drive

The beauty of a battery is not only the beauty of the appearance. The key is to look at the inner performance beauty. Hengli International has perfectly interpreted the new design language in the industry. It adopts the most advanced dual-efficiency technology at home and abroad, innovation polar construction, innovation Charging process, innovation and distribution process, more appearance, is more beautiful, 2 major specializes, 2 unique crafts, 3 product characteristics, durable running, internal and external repair, color value and performance And drive.

High-end service, comprehensive upgrade

With the self-confidence of product quality, grasp the pulse of the era, Hengli International is not only excellent in product quality, but also in the after-sales service, innovation service model, creating industry services, Hengli International's after-sales service is fully upgraded, Leading high-end services in the industry.

Hengli International has accumulated precipitation on the pursuit of quality, only high-end dream roads, is not arrogant, realistic, integrity management, has already had high-end battery pilot temperament.

Recalling the past, bustling

Future, high-profile

Believe in the future of Hengli International

Will continue

- Excellent quality, industry leader -

- Reputation-based, winning in quality -

With the technological innovation of the world

Stable and reliable product quality

Unbelievable quality service

Battery market in group

Lead high-end product trend!


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