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The power of full, Hengli boosts quality chain and upgrade
Number of views:11235 Time:2021-05-18

In the past two years, due to national standard policy requirements, the exchange of vehicles increased, in this context, some companies have reduced quality standards in order to pursue short-term benefits. Hengli does not follow the wave, play the spirit of craftsman, hard work, continuously improve and improve product quality, and become a new star in the industry.

Implement the quality system and promote the change of management model

Implement ISO9001 quality system certification, with international advanced management model, insist on production in accordance with international standards.

In 2000, the group company learned to introduce the international quality management standards in the latest international ISO9001 version, hired well-known experts to train all levels of the backbone personnel and implement step by step. After all participation, comprehensive preparation, through importing the latest international quality management model, the company's product quality is more effective. One point, one point, the company has maintained a good development in 2007, and has achieved another achievement with a steady pace and the fast market reaction.

Advanced testing equipment, strict quality

The company is not online, unqualified finished product is not deserved, implemented three inspections (self-test, mutual inspection, inspection), and incorporates the award and punishment mechanism, stimulating the enthusiasm of employees, and encouraging engineering technicians to take professional The road, quality standards, and the quality standards take a welcome step.

The company establishes QC groups, and each employee is involved. Whether it is its own process or other processes, workers have the right to improve improvement, and some may be a thorough change of the maximum process. The company's emphasis on product quality is fully guaranteed. High standards professionals are equipped with a large number of advanced equipment and layered security, fundamentally guarantees that the product is fully compliant with quality standards, enabling the delivery rate of more than 99.9%, and the workshop offline passes strict control, and guarantees Hengli products. After the relevant state departments, the market is inspected, the after-sales replacement rate is much lower than the industry average renewal rate.

Cultivate high quality talents to create a high skill craftsman

From the four aspects of quality education, market education, professional technical training and post skills training, the company will start training, strengthen, improve, improve employee's quality awareness and professional basic theory, and create a high-skilled craftsman. At the same time, the company pays great attention to training employees' emotions of home, regularly organize some cultural activities, set up a publicity column, greatly improves the spirit of employees, and linked employees tightly.

Talent is the medium-sized column of enterprises, the arrival of the knowledge economy, and it is also a reasonable utilization of talents. The company improves talent team through a variety of ways. In addition, the internal cultivation of two administrations, improve employee quality, improve management level, technical standards. Open recruitment and improve the transparency of talent utilization. In accordance with the energy, the principle underground is openly recruiting, and the optimization combination of talents is achieved.

Quality management is a long-term and arduous task. Only by relying on reliable quality can expand the market share, build a brand image in the consumer's mind. Hengli successively obtained:

Export product quality license, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, UL certification, Terre certification, Jin Taoyang and other domestic and foreign certification bodies, and the Group adopted the National Battery Testing Center, the Electricity Industry, The information industry department, DOT and other inspection and recognition, the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".

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