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Home » News » Company news » Hengli new energy "砥 前 行, June again, new high" marketing meeting victory!

Hengli new energy "砥 前 行, June again, new high" marketing meeting victory!
Number of views:16088 Time:2021-06-04

On June 3, 2021, Hengli International New Energy Division Marketing Conference was held at the group headquarters. This meeting surrounded the theme of "the new high in June\\ Mr. Wu Fuqing, Chairman of the Group, Mr. Keji, Vice President of the Group Marketing, Mr. Kejie, General Manager of New Energy Division, New Energy Division Marketing Team to participate in this meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, Peng He is always an important speech: In May 202, the price of raw materials in the industry has skyrocketed, and the industry's traditional energy division, the Hengli International New Energy Division has exceeded the establishment of the Group in 4, May, and realized monthly high Growth, achieved 2021 phased victory!


At the meeting, the Provincial Regional Manager of the New Energy Division made the title report and the topic sharing:

1) Seriously summarize the problems in the previous month;

2) Analyze the pros and consuming of friends, after-sales and promotional strategies, marketing team business capabilities;

3) Solutions are proposed for the objective needs of different customers of different markets;

4) Form a consistent opinion on the formation of innovative miles, credit standards, and post-delivery timings;

5) Excellent experience of communicating development and maintenance.


June is the key month that the whole year can be successfully completed, and the brilliant record of January-May has been settled, and the new energy division is based on the current situation, and a specific work deployment is developed around the Layout June performance indicator.

Ke General pointed out that the new energy division of the New Energy Division uses sweat and wisdom, watering out the business, the departmental sales, new business development monthly increase, these results are successful, inseparable from each marketing personnel and efforts. In June, we will focus on the channels, innovative sales, etc.


Wu Dong, chairman of the group, made a summary statement. Wu Dong is fully affirmed by the development momentum of the New Energy Division. He said that the group will continue to increase the expansion investment in the factory, fully meet the growing capacity demand of the new energy division, increase quality investment, concert, and ensure agent No quality and worries.

At the meeting, Wu Dong conveys a major good news. After 2 years of product testing and business negotiation, Hengli officially signed a large-scale project for the European and American countries, and became the only bidder of the battery Jiangxi sector. The project successfully signed, marking our product quality and Panasonic, and also the sign of the success of the top-level strategy. The meaning is very important. It plays a good start. The scene staff is deeply encouraged, greatly enhanced the quality of the company. Confidence.

Wu Dong finally encouraged all marketing staff to break through the self, and constantly surpass themselves.


"Remnant to the sales crown"

There is a direction in the heart, and the marketing will be in the second half of the year, and all marketing staff of the new energy division will go all out. With honors and dreams, the vows must complete the company's indicators!


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