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Home » News » Company news » Hengli International Jiangxi Base 2021, the first factory staff meeting was successfully held!

Hengli International Jiangxi Base 2021, the first factory staff meeting was successfully held!
Number of views:10334 Time:2021-03-24

Yangchun March 10,000
We gather together to share joy

March 23

Hengli International Jiangxi Base

2021 First Factory Association


Management class leader Rao Longbao hosted the word

In 2020, each of our Hengli people aggressively made, struggled, emerged, a large number of outstanding employees, excellent teams, management elites. Each reputation written on the honorary certificate is the best interpretation of all the efforts of winners. In 2021 we will continue to sail. One day is in the morning, one year is in the spring, in this season, the hope of Xinxin, we ushered in the first full staff meeting in 2021, leiscatically, for the excellent family awards.

2020 Excellent Employee Awards

This award ceremony awarded a total of 25 colleagues award

Annual advanced collective award


"Executive Deputy Supreme Advanced Collective Award"

Grant: assembly workshop 2020 advanced collective

Grant: The Ministry of Insurance has 2020 advanced collectives

January 2021 contest awards

"Wei Yi is awarded the 5S competition in January"

First place: Lead powder coating workshop

Second place: Board assembly workshop

Third place: Earthquis Department

"Zhou Manager awards for the equipment competition in January"

First place: Split workshop

Second place: big secret charge water wash

Third place: add the food room

 "Xiong Manager awards for the Quality Competition in January" 

First place: Packaging workshop
Second place: Board assembly workshop

Third place: Split workshop

New entry management personnel

"Round value speech" supervisor exchange work

▲ The surplus of the guardian board department


▲ Mental Li Honglian speaks

Summary of the administrative deputy chief praise

In 2020, all the way, facing the challenge of new championships, all employees under the leadership of the chairman, and the Hengli International Group made a rapid development. In 2021, our base will vigorously carry out the results of the effect, and strive to work hard to sell 5 billion goals throughout the year.

Rao is summoned, the spirit of safety, quality, and master, hopes that all Hengyi family will improve the awareness of safety and quality management, strengthen the implementation force, the safety and quality management, the improvement, refine the goal, unity and cooperate, and enhance the master Consciousness, cultivate a positive team spirit.

Rao's final say: In 2020, we went back to the stream. In 2021, we creamed brilliant, hoping on the road to fight, let the time lapse, back to the first side is still you! In the future, Hengli International will not be expected to look, go forward! I wish you all the old ages in Hengyi family, and the bovine is rushing.

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