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Home » News » Company news » Jijun 丨 Hengli International Group passed the EU RoHS certification!

Jijun 丨 Hengli International Group passed the EU RoHS certification!
Number of views:16774 Time:2021-11-08

Recently, Hengli International Group's products have been reviewed throughout the EU to obtain an EU RoHS certification.

Hengli International Total Get the following related certification:

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Hengli International Group has passed the RoHS international mainstream certification, once again proves that Hengli product materials, process standards, and environmental protection requirements have reached the recognition of international authorities.

RoHS is a mandatory standard for EU legislation, which can be said to be a global environmental performance evaluation, mainly used to standardize product materials and process standards, making it more conducive to human health and environmental protection, and focus on cadmium content. Can't exceed 0.01%.

RoHS is a mandatory certification requirement made by EU law on circulation commodities. Its verification process is very strict and cumbersome. Hengli International Group products can pass rigorous certification review and ultimately through RoHS certification, and the strength of Hengli International Group's product environment is in line with international high standards, walking in the front of the battery sector in Jiangxi.

It is reported that the quality of the excellent product is one of the reasons why Hengli International Group passed the RoHS certification. Since its establishment, Hengli International Group has always adhering to the quality policy of "quality excellence, industry leader, reputation, quality win\\ In addition, Hengli International Group also established a performance appraisal system with product quality assessment as a core, reflecting the emphasis and strict requirements of Hengli International on product quality.

Hengli International successfully passed the EU RoHS certification. It shows that Hengli International Products meet the requirements of the international market standards, and has the conditions for entering the world's mainstream developed national market. The product quality can be the first line of brand.

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