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Caring for employees - Hengli in action!
Number of views:10974 Time:2021-06-02

In order to effectively protect the health of employees, reflect "people-oriented" management philosophy, help employees better understand their health, enhance employee physical fitness, improve employee's overall health, June 2, Hengli International Jiangxi Base Organization All new Free health checkups in our employees. This medical examination institution is Linchuan District People's Hospital.The physical examination includes blood routine, urine routine, B-ultrasound (hepatochadized spleen, etc.), electrocardiogram, chest positive sheets, etc., and arranges personalized inspections according to the physiological characteristics of men and women employees.


Adhering to the work concept of "Happy Work, Happy Life\\

After the medical examination is over, the Group will also establish a health file for each employee, timely feedback on medical examination information, and urge physical conditions to have abnormal employees to review the treatment.

Employee physical examination site

Employee health check is a welfare policy for caring employees. By carrying out health check activities, let employees feel care, and fully understand personal physical condition, and find high-risk factors affecting health and potential disease hidden dangers early, ensure that everyone can invest in healthy body, strong strength, full body investment Work and life, further enhance employee belonging and feelings.

I sincerely thank Linchuan District People's Hospital

All staff support!


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