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Home » News » Company news » Tug-war competition celebrates National Day Concentration Gathering Exhibition Style You are the best!

Tug-war competition celebrates National Day Concentration Gathering Exhibition Style You are the best!
Number of views:16885 Time:2021-10-06

In order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of New China, Hengli International Jiangxi Base Tunction Race has been held in front of the base office building in front of the base office building.

Event competition rules

■ The competition is divided into preliminaries, the finals, finals, decided to decide 123;

■ Preliminaries: After the lottery, the four teams will enter the rematch;

■ Rematch: From the four complements, 2 teams enter the final;

■ Final: From the 2 finals, the runner is divided.

Don't look at me thin, I am practicing family

Everyone calm, listen to my command, win!

Brother, you don't take a prize, sorry, I am so shining the shadow.

You have to cheer, I have used it to eat milk.

Hey, I am very professional.

The reward standards are as follows

1. First place reward 2,000 yuan

2. Second reward 1500 yuan

3. The third place reward 1,000 yuan.

 When the game started, I saw the players who got the competition grazed the long rope, and they were desperately pulled down! Other players who have not participated also spontaneously consisted cheerleading to cheer for the competition, shouting, igniting the passion of the game!

Unity and friendship. A rope, interpretation is struggle and hard! We created brilliance in shouts, sharing passion and joy in the context, pursue transcendence in sports.

Work, female man in life is sauce purple



After tense competition, the results of the game are as follows:

Men's tug-of-war competition

First place: assembly 1 team

Second place: Office Building Group

Third place: Dadi's post

Women's tug-of-war competition

First place: Large after

Second place: Triass

Third place: assembly team

We congratulate them, of course, we have to praise the players in the tug-of-war competition, we also have a cup to make a commemoration. Winning is not important, focusing on participating, focusing on unity, focusing hard, even if the game is lost, we still feel happy for our hard work.

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