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Hengli International is hot Shenzhen exhibition, orders full
Number of views:10273 Time:2021-03-22

From March 19th to 21st, the "The 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange / Exhibition" co-organized by China Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, China Electricity Energy Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center!


The exhibition area is 99,000 square meters, and the number of booths is more than 1380 exhibitors. It is concentrated on global power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions, special key display. In the past two years, my country has a series of results in various passenger batteries and new energy storage fields in various passenger cars, new energy passenger cars and logistics vehicles.


Hengli International is invited to participate in multinational group companies that focus on battery development, production and sales. It mainly has a series of products such as general, communication, telecommunications, UPS, energy storage, power, new energy, and high power. Widely used in communication, telecommunications, UPS, emergency lighting, automotive ships, cleaning cars, sightseeing vehicles, electric vehicles, lifts, financial systems, solar systems, warning systems, etc., focusing on "Improved Product Life" Break through the product quality limit, create more applicable consumer personality, with a higher cost-effective long-life battery, attracting many customers to visit us, explain the company's colleagues, all new and old customers's product characteristics of Hengli International, Quality and company's future development have a deeper understanding, and also give high evaluation of the quality and service of Hengli batteries. Within 3 days, accumulate hundreds of new and old customers, orders full.


Through this international event, Hengli International has gained more trust and carries more expectations. Always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, pragmatic, innovation, development\\

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