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Good news | Hengli International won the title of "consumer trustworthy battery brand"
Number of views:10518 Time:2021-04-10

Hengli International has won the title of "consumer trustworthy battery brand" due to excellent product strength.

Event selection fair and public

This event was jointly organized by the electric vehicle industry media "electric vehicle observation" and "electric vehicle observation network\\ industry!

Meet consumer specific needs

All along, Hengli International is committed to providing consumers with high-quality battery products, from the product development, design, production to sales. Every aspect is strictly controlled. With the hard work over the years, Hengli International has not only obtained Nowadays, the leading position in the market is won the wide favorite of consumers, and builds a first-class reputation in the hearts of consumers.

In order to improve the better use experience of consumers, Hengli International in-depth market research in product development and design, through understanding the actual needs of customers, consolidating the features needed for different use batteries to meet consumer pursuit of specific consumer demand.

Adhere to innovation and service upgrade 

It has been in 23 years since its establishment of Hengli International, and we will always adhere to product innovation, service upgrades, and make efforts to meet the quality and services of superior product quality and services.

In the future, Hengli International will continue to work hard, adhering to the spirit of consumer satisfaction, providing better, intimate products and services to create a higher-end use experience for consumers


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