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Monthly Quality Conference │ orders have increased, detail is more
Number of views:16082 Time:2021-11-12

A few days ago, the Quality Bear Manager presided over the conference of the monthly quality work, and the person in charge of the relevant departments participated in the meeting.

The meeting begins, for the feed inspection, the abnormalities in the factory, the quality department surrounds the discovery location → Abnormal phenomenon → reasons → disposal content → Disposal results → improve countermeasures → preventive measures, informing the problems found in the previous quality inspection and implementation condition.

This meeting focuses on the knowledge point of "Central Battery Calc Crystal Crystal Short Circuit\\

Discussion 01

Analysis of various causes of intermediate cells with diazen crystal short circuit


Request 02

At the meeting, the Quality Department proposed four requirements:

First, we must carry out key management according to quality operation, carry out key management, establish and improve QA system, promote independent quality management;

Second, we must use the problem-oriented, find a root cause, promote the quality of quality, and ultimately realize the target controlver and quality improvement;

Third, to summarize the methods and methods of quality management;

4. To carry out the overall system from the company level, do full procedures, implement each department to promote and cooperate with each other.

Emphasize 03

In the final meeting, the bear manager emphasized:

Quality work should be involved in the whole staff, all-round, and the process is carried out. Recently, due to the large amount of orders, it will lead to customers' trust in the enterprise, and there should be highly valued. The company must strengthen the responsibility, selflessness, and effectively solve the ability to quickly solve the powerful quality problem. Clarify the responsible subject, with the quality assessment as the starting point, continuously improve the management ability of Hengli quality and improve the quality management level.

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