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Home » News » Company news » Happiness is struggling - Hengli International Industry Second Annual Marketing Conference held in Fuzhou

Happiness is struggling - Hengli International Industry Second Annual Marketing Conference held in Fuzhou
Number of views:911 Time:2021-12-28

A few days ago, the two annual marketing conferences in Hengli International Industry were held in Fuzhou, summed up the success and loss in the 2021 business work, layout for 2022. Around the "utilization tool, integrated resources, more food\\

Analysis of the situation of industrial channel market

At the beginning of the meeting, Hengli Group Peng Gui's comprehensive analysis of the industry's overall situation, industrial channel customers, and industrial channel pain points. Peng General believes that there are high levels of channels in industrial battery, industry dispersion, long account length, product dasual standard, lightweight, The profit margin continues to fall, etc., a small amount of entering the goods in the industrial channel, the customer's purchase is not coherent, the manufacturer is not close enough, and the personnel are not focused enough.

Opportunity analysis of industrial channel market

To solve the pain points of industrial channels, you must return to marketing nature, to fully combine the salary system, organizational architecture, business model, and resource integration. To this end, Hengli International launched a series of targeted measures to advocate localization to recruit localization services, improve the source of hospitality funds, and improve business commissions to quickly honor channels, use system activation personnel power, and use the system to make people dare to dry with confidence At the same time, the promotion path of the staff is planned, everything is speaking with performance, horses and not horses, adhere to the value of value customers, to contribute to the sales team, play more food, build granary, to ensure 2022 Year sales goal!

Marketing ideas for Hengli industrial channels

At the meeting, the Second Department of Hengli Industry announced the 2022 to return target, delivery goals, channel development goals, gross profit margins, and cost rate indicators. Peng demanded that everyone hugs the Internet and uses some of the APP tools to search for the regional intentional customers; 2022 may participate in the data center exhibition, electricity exhibition, and the photovoltaic storage and other industries, some influential exhibitions, enhance brand influence, improve Customer viscosity.

Hengli Industry 2022 Strategy Path

At the meeting, the industrial two discussed the policy path to realize the Group's indicators.

Product level:Everything is market-oriented, within the framework of the compliance, fully cooperate with customer needs, meet market demand;

Policy level:Designed clear differentiated policies for different types of partners such as agents, directors, channels.

It's not going to go, the future is available! In the next work, all colleagues in the industrial industry will not relax, further boost confidence, clarify their ideas, and speed up the progress of channel construction, and strengthen the market foundation, create a strong sales atmosphere, all channels, multi-point Common efforts, accelerate new development, new breakthroughs.

Refused to talk, one dry

Everything happiness is struggling

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