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Home » News » Company news » Sign military order, Hengli new energy to the 2022 challenge!

Sign military order, Hengli new energy to the 2022 challenge!
Number of views:842 Time:2022-01-08

A few days ago, Hengli New Energy Division's 2022 marketing work conference and the warning ceremony was successfully held in the Group's headquarters, and the purpose was to clarify the development plan and deploy 2022 key work. The content of the meeting is divided into: 2021 work summary, 2021 questions, 2022 marketing plan release and interpretation, 2022 army signed, etc.

Greative trend innovation ● Reproduction

2022 The horn of the new journey has already blown

Hengli New Energy Division is guided by the issue

Enhance the trick, adjust the structure, the Launa, the military order!

Higher capacity, stronger system

Higher Bigger's incentives, more revenue

Are waiting for you

The soldiers of Hengli New Energy Division

Go forward, launch challenges to 2022!


At signing ceremony, the New Energy Division Ke total has made the adjustment of the indicator, and the current marketing strategy and the next work will be deployed, and the work of the sales team will start with the "Sales elite army". , Clarify the rights and responsibility of sales staff at all levels, and achieve "responsibility to people, indicators to people".

Hengli International Group Peng Bi finally pointed out that the military order is not a word, but he asked the marketing staff of all new energy division to unity, the goals and unity, the unity of action, "actively confident, full of passion, and courage" The spirit, to achieve its greatest contribution to the achievement of Hengli International Group's operating performance.

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