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Home » News » Industry News » [View] Can the power lithium battery fully replace the lead-acid battery?

[View] Can the power lithium battery fully replace the lead-acid battery?
Number of views:16514 Time:2021-08-13

In the field of low-speed electric four-wheeler, a power battery technology change is being staged: the lead-acid battery for electric road vehicles seems to be an object to be revolution.


On June 17, 2021, the latest version of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Pure Electric Passenger Cars Technical Conditions" commenced, and the low-speed electric vehicle (senile step) was included in it, set a new category called microelectronics. It is specified that the energy density of the vehicle battery cell system should not be less than 70Wh / kg.

At the time, the mainstream low speed of the mainstream on the market is basically an EVF lead-acid battery, followed by a lithium battery (three lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate). The maximum energy density of the EVF lead-acid battery does not have 70Wh / kg, once the national standard landed, the low speed of the new national standard must be equipped with a lithium battery in the future. So, will the lead-acid battery are completely related to low speed electricity? The author has a negative attitude.

Many people think that the lithium battery "pet" is not because the energy density is large, the loop service life, the volume is light, and the fast charge is characterized, while the lithium battery is more environmentally friendly than lead-acid batteries.

Is the lead-acid battery really abandoned? --Will not
For low-speed electric quadrulet carriages, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are in terms of safety, performance, price, and recycling, lead-acid batteries have the advantages of being replaced:

1 security level

On the market, the lithium battery will use the ladder battery, the use of information is imperfect, high complexity, poor performance, no standard, security issues have not been well resolved. Especially the three-dimensional lithium, the high temperature structure is unstable, the stability is poor, and the monomer is flattened, and the danger is caused, which is almost the "explosive bag".

Many agents said:
After selling lithium batteries, I often worry about whether it will explode, whether it will return to the liberation overnight. However, the lithium battery is a consumption trend after all, worried that being followed by the followers, can't sell, can only sell less.

In fact, there are accidents of lithium battery electric vehicles almost every month, and lead-acid batteries are more stable!

2 performance level

Lithium iron phosphate causes material properties, affected by low temperature, reduced charge and discharge, discharge capacity, and capacity will be greatly reduced, it is difficult to change.

Lithium manganate is poorly resistant to high temperature resistance. The temperature is rapidly increased for a long time. The battery life is serious, and the charge and discharge capacity is declining. It is more important to bring safety hazards. When you encounter impact, it is inevitable to fire.

3 price level
Although the energy density of lithium battery is high, it is expensive. Especially for large-capacity batteries, the price gap between the lithium battery of the lead acid and the A product core is very large.

Recycle level

At present, the lead-acid battery recovery market is relatively perfect, lead as heavy metals can be recovered. The lithium battery recovery is currently blank, mainly the PACK technology of each plant is not uniform, the battery core model is not uniform, the value assessment is not uniform, the recycling cost is high, the economy is poor. The current value of how to assess the value of the retired battery, the vehicle factory, user, recycling institution, and the energy storage power station has not reached a value consensus.

So far, the low-speed electric four-wheeled vehicle battery field has two major features:

Secondary market: EVF lead-acid batteries are still in absolute upper compared to lithium electrical;

Level 1 Market: Some heads of heads accelerate the first-class lithium electrical supporting layout.

It is foreseeable that electricity two, electric three, medium and low-end electricity four fields, lead-acid batteries will still exist within a certain period of time, will eventually phase out with the breakthroughs of lithium electrical technology, the improvement of national living standards and consumption concepts.

Lithium electrical replacement lead acid involves the game between all interest chains, and is related to the employment of millions of people. It is related to the ecological environmental protection, and more about the lives and property of the people. The big trend of the lithium battery is already an fact that it is a step-by-step technology iteration and innovation process. During this process, more lithium electrical and lead acid plays more complementary effects.

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