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Correct use and maintenance of the battery
Number of views:16141 Time:2018-03-15
The service life of ordinary batteries is usually from 1 to 2 years. To extend its service life, you should master the correct use, maintenance method, often keep the battery technical condition and find problems in time.  
 1. Correct use of the battery  
 (1) Large current discharge time should not be too long, use starters, each time no more than 5s, and between the two adjacent starts should be 15s.  
 (2) The charging voltage cannot be too high. When the charging voltage increases by 10% to 12%, the life of the battery will be shortened by about 2 L / 3.  
 (3) Try to avoid the battery over discharge and long-term in the loss, the battery-free battery should be charged within 24 hours.  
 (4) Winter use of batches should pay special attention to maintaining it in a sufficient electrolyte, so as not to reduce the density of the electrolyte density. Under the premise of not ice, the density is low as much as possible. If the liquid surface is too low, it can only be carried out prior to charging, and water and electrolyte can be mixed as much as possible. Before the cold car starts, pay attention to the preheating of the engine and the battery.  
 2. Battery maintenance  
 In order to make the battery are often in a good technical state, the following maintenance work should be done to the battery being used.  
 (1) Keep the outside of the battery. The dust, soil and polar pile on the battery are often removed, and the oxide on the wire is often removed.  
 (2) Frequently check whether the battery is installed in the car, whether the pole is loose, and the wiring is tight.  
 (3) Tone the degree of discharge of the battery is often checked. If it is below the specified standard, it is necessary to make additional charging immediately.  
 (4) Regularly check or adjust the liquid level height of the electrolyte in each monobi battery and the vent hole on the plug cover.  
 (5) Timely according to the season, adjust the electrolyte density.
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