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Battery bad project and cause
Number of views:15991 Time:2018-03-15
Not equipped with the negative electrode; g. The diaphragm porosity is small; h. Adhesive aging → Surdere of the inclination; I. Coil ultra-thick (unspeakable or electrolyte unmected) J. Not fully charged when it is divided The positive and negative electrode material is smaller than the capacity.  
 The pressure plate is in contact with internal resistance; f. Positive Negative electrical appliance; g. There is no lithium salt in electrolyte; h. The battery has happened; i. The diaphragm paper porosity is small.  
 Back battery; d. Customers did not print (2 batches after customer processing); e. Burr; f. Micro short circuit; g. The negative electrode produces dendrites.  
 Too thick; g. The core is too thick (too much at the attachment; the pole is not compact; the separator is too thick).  
 There are fewer and negative electrode atmosphere; E. Cap leakage, weld leakage; F. Electrolytic solution decomposition, and low electrical conductivity.  
 6. Explosion a. The spacer is faulty (caused by overcharge); b. The diaphragm closure effect is poor; c. Internal short circuit  
 7. Short circuit A. Cool; b. Breaking fashion; c. Vegetable (small diaphragm paper is too small or unpleassed); d. Wound is not uniform; e. No package is good; f. Diaphragm has holes; g. burr  
 8. Broken circuit A) Extreme ear and rivets are not welded, or small effective solder joint area; b) The connection sheet is broken (the connection sheet is too short or the solder is too welded when solder is soldered). Unclear (SEI film is incomplete, dense); b. Baking temperature is too high → adhesive aging → deprive; C. The negative electrode is lower than the capacity; D. Positive electrode atmosphere is more and the negative attachment; e. Cap Air leakage, weld leakage; F. Electrolytic solution decomposition, electrical conductivity decreased.
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