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Our company provides employees with a range of perfect high quality training courses:  
 1, new employee in-job training  
1) Training object: All new people.  
2) Training Objective: Assist new people to adapt to new working environment as soon as possible, and smoothly enter the work.  
3) Training form: company concentrated training.  
4) Training content: Introduction to the company, including the company's development history and development prospects, corporate culture, corporate organization architecture, distribution and departmental functions, etc., company system, employee norms, etc.  
 2, internal training  
1) Training object: all employees  
2) Training Objective: Relying on the company's internal technical force, the maximum validity utilization company internal resources, strengthen internal communication and exchanges, forms a learning atmosphere of mutual help, and enrichs employees' amateur learning life.  
3) Training form: In the company's interior, the company is carried out in the form of a lecture, seminar, and communication.  
4) Training content: Amaterality, information, etc.  
 3, external training  
1) Training object: All employees.  
2) Training purpose: relying on external expert's strength, enhance practitioners, the professional knowledge, industry development, and skill techniques, to enhance the quality of work, improve work efficiency.  
3) Training form: Participate in external public classes, exchange seminars or involute external lecturers to teach in the company.  
4) Training content: related to professional technical knowledge, corporate strategic, development and other content.  
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