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Cleaner production information announced
Number of views:13337 Time:2021-06-21

According to the "Jiangxi Provincial Ecological Environment, the list of the list of key enterprises in the 2021 clean production audit\\ Review key enterprises. After receiving the relevant documents, the company's leaders attached great importance to the decision to carry out clean production review work within the enterprise, and established a cleaning production leading group with general manager Wu Fuqing and a cleaning production review of Wu Hua, deputy general manager. The Working Group, and in June 2021, it was entrusted Jiangxi Fuzhou Donghua Institute of Technology Energy and Environmental Research Institute as an audit technology, guiding the cleaning production review.

Cleaning Production Audit Leading Group Members
Business Cleaning Production Audit Working Group Members List

 In order to improve the understanding of all the employees of the enterprise, the relevant requirements of the cleaning production are consciously implemented in their respective positions, and the enterprises make full use of various forms of propaganda slogans and pre-classes, making it a wide range of publicity and mobilization work. Enterprise employees actively cooperate and put into clean production work. At the same time, in order to enable the audit team and the person in charge of the relevant departments to quickly master the cleaning production review, understand the meaning of cleaning production, all members of the group and the technical staff, the person in charge of each workshop, etc., etc., the content of the training, training It mainly includes the social background of cleaning production, the current situation of cleaning production at home and abroad, the main method of cleaning production, the company's significance of cleaning production review, clean production review work procedures, and cleaning production cases.

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